Energy Marketing

Leaders in marketing natural gas, electric powe, biofuels and related agriculture commodities and liquefied natural gas, Tenaska’s marketing affiliates provide customers with the broad-based capacity and expertise to solve their physical marketing and asset and risk management needs.

Tenaska Marketing Ventures / Tenaska Marketing Canada (TMV) is among the top five natural gas marketers in North America and ranks first in gas pipeline trading release capacity. In 2014, it sold or managed approximately 2.5 trillion cubic feet of natural gas, or about 9.4 percent of the total U.S. natural gas consumption.

Tenaska Power Services Co. (TPS) specializes in energy management, optimization and physical electric power marketing. TPS currently manages more than 20,000 megawatts (MW) of load and generation for utilities, merchant generators and industrial customers throughout the U.S.

Tenaska Commodities, LLC is a multicommodity marketing and trading company that provides risk management, logistical and management services to the agriculture and energy industries. Through its diverse and flexible product offerings and transparent deal structures, Tenaska Commodities (formerly Tenaska BioFuels, LLC) helps its clients navigate volatile markets.

Tenaska NG Fuels, LLC (TNG Fuels), a marketing and development company, is answering the market’s growing need for the use of liquefied natural gas (LNG) in North American industries using high-horsepower engines. TNG Fuels is developing assets to provide LNG to a variety of markets including, transportation, remote communities and utilities, as well as the mining and marine sectors.

Customers rely on Tenaska’s marketing affiliates to provide stable and flexible energy capacity and delivery; fast, accurate financial services; and risk management, transportation and storage solutions.

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