Financial Milestones

Tenaska’s strong balance sheet and financial strength provide the flexibility needed to manage large transactions, to provide financial support for its marketing affiliates and to secure financing matched to specific development and acquisition opportunities.

As a private and independent energy company, Tenaska’s approach to liquidity management ensures it maintains the ability to meet all financial obligations. Consequently, in its 30-year history, the company has never missed a principal or interest payment on any domestic project.

Tenaska’s financing record includes more than $16 billion financed through banks, capital markets transactions and corporate facilities, plus nearly $7 billion of acquisition financing for power generation and midstream assets.

Tenaska has a strong record with lenders and has well-established relationships with leading U.S. and international lending institutions and credit rating agencies. Investors and lenders trust Tenaska to meet its commitments, which is why Tenaska is an attractive borrower for the lender community.