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Join us in celebrating two big anniversary milestones.

For decades, you’ve inspired us to work harder and think bigger. Let’s toast to the past and look toward a future of even more growth together.

The story of a market leader.

For decades, we’ve strived to create exceptional value for our customers—and we always will.

The story of a market leader.

For decades, we’ve strived to create exceptional value for our customers—and we always will.

A history of success.

Established in 1991, Tenaska Marketing Ventures is a trusted market leader. Explore highlights and historic milestones of the past few decades.

No. 1

Value and Customer Satisfaction

(Source: Mastio & Company)

No. 1

Pipeline Capacity Release Trader Since 2009

(Source: CapacityCenter.com)

Top 5

North American Gas Marketer Since 2013

(Source: Platts Gas Daily)


Tenaska Marketing Ventures is formed in Omaha, Nebraska.

“Since 1991, our employees have focused on providing the responsive and reliable services needed in all types of market conditions.”

– Fred R. Hunzeker, CEO,
Tenaska Marketing Group


Tenaska Marketing Canada is formed in Calgary, Alberta.


Top 25 gas marketer in North America.

(Source: Platts Gas Daily)


Top 10 gas marketer in North America.

(Source: Platts Gas Daily)


Ranked No. 1 in the nation in natural gas pipeline capacity trading.

(Source: CapacityCenter.com)


Tenaska Marketing Canada opens Vancouver regional office.


Top 5 natural gas marketer in North America.

(Source: Platts Gas Daily)

“Customers count on our reliability and responsiveness to meet their needs in dynamic market conditions.”

— Mark Whitt, President,
Tenaska Marketing Ventures


Tenaska Marketing Canada #1 exporter of Canadian gas to the U.S.


Reached gas sales of over 10 billion cubic feet (Bcf) per day for the first time.


Ranked No. 1 in Value And Customer Satisfaction
(Source: Mastio & Company)


No. 1 pipeline capacity trading for the 12th year in a row.

(Source: CapacityCenter.com)

And we’re just getting started.

Thank you to everyone who’s been a part of our journey.

We’ll always be grateful for customers like you.

You are the “why” and the fuel behind our biggest ideas. Thank you for trusting us to meet your needs and choosing TMV again and again. No matter how things change, one thing will always be true: we’ll always be committed to delivering for you.

Success wouldn’t be possible without our employees.

Our employees are our number one asset. As individuals, your experience, intelligence and creativity are what keep this company growing strong. As a team, you maximize value for our customers day in and day out. This milestone belongs to you.

Strength in numbers.

Years Of Delivering Value For Customers
Customer Loyalty And Retention
Years Average Industry Experience Per Employee
Regional Office Locations

“Our employees are our number one asset.”

– Fred Hunzeker, Chief Executive Officer,
Tenaska Marketing Group

“Our team of experienced professionals deliver exceptional supply chain management services through our physically focused business model.”

– Mark Whitt, President, Tenaska Marketing Ventures

“Our employees have extensive experience and expertise in the industry, allowing Tenaska to provide innovative and customized solutions for its customers.”

- Lori Bruck, Chief Marketing Officer, Tenaska Marketing Ventures

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