Development & Acquisitions

The Strategic Development & Acquisitions (SDA) Group leverages Tenaska’s 30+ years of experience in energy development and expertise in acquisition and management of power generation assets to advance value-oriented projects. The SDA team has extensive background in power markets across the United States and with energy projects utilizing a variety of technologies and fuels.

The SDA Group brings the combined resources of Tenaska to bear when working with customers to meet their power generation needs. In addition to providing expertise in siting, transmission interconnection, permitting, financing and construction management, Tenaska can assist customers in fuel acquisition and transport, project operations and energy marketing.

For partners and investors, the SDA Group draws on a strong record in development, acquisitions and asset management to optimize the value of energy assets. Our in-house experts adapt project strategies to changing market, legislative and regulatory climates. These same synergies also benefit the SDA Group’s new energy innovation investment initiative.