Tenaska Marketing Ventures (TMV) offers supply chain management services across the natural gas spectrum, including reliable fuel supply, market and logistical services, asset management and financial services. TMV sells/manages over 10.6 billion cubic feet (Bcf) per day of natural gas.

Tenaska’s solid reputation for integrity and long-term financial stability, along with its teams of energy professionals with unparalleled expertise, make the company a leader in providing customers with innovative solutions and personalized strategies.

TMV has the ability to handle large transactions with the availability of a multi-year $1.5 billion borrowing base credit facility to fully cover its liquidity needs. In addition, Tenaska currently maintains an approximate $2.1 billion equity balance sheet to guarantee credit obligations for TMV.

TMV services include:

Purchase and Sale of Natural Gas

TMV purchases and sells natural gas for a broad customer portfolio, including producers, gas utilities, power generators, large industrials and LNG exporters.

In 2018, TMV sold or managed 3.9 trillion cubic feet (Tcf) of natural gas, a volume representing about 10 percent of total natural gas consumption in the United States and Canada. In addition, it has consistently ranked among the top five natural gas marketers in North America since 2013.

Acquisition, Management and Optimization of Capacity

TMV serves customers’ needs with acquisition, management and optimization of natural gas transportation and storage capacity. In 2018 it had 118 Bcf of natural gas storage capacity and 13 Bcf per day of transportation capacity contracted or managed for customers. TMV utilized 134 pipelines to transport natural gas in 2018.

TMV has ranked first as a natural gas pipeline capacity release trader, as measured by, since 2009. Being an active capacity trader allows TMV to deliver reliable, responsive services for its customers. In 2018, TMV engaged in 7.6 Bcf per day of capacity release trading.

Volume Swing Management

TMV’s supply and demand volume swing management services assist customers in meeting their changing volume needs with an array of flexible services, including adjustments to next-day purchase volumes, intraday gas purchases/sales, parking, lending, operating balance agreement management or storage management. TMV manages fuel supply, including swing supply, for over 25,000 megawatts of power generation assets, which typically have greater need for swing management services.

Risk Management and Hedging

TMV provides energy risk management and financial and physical hedging services for customers to help manage financial risk. TMV develops physical supply and arbitrage strategies to help control exposure and optimize assets.

Trading and Scheduling Operations

TMV offers seven-day-a-week trading and scheduling operations. The trading team trades with more than 770 counterparties in over 216,000 transactions per year as it focuses on the physical aspects of the natural gas business. There are 55 traders with an average of 18 years of industry experience.

Approximately 3,200 nominations on 134 pipelines are handled daily by 37 scheduling analysts with 11 years of industry experience on average. TMV has developed its own in-house, fully integrated software system providing customers accurate, real-time information, error-free transactions and optimal controls.

Mid- and Back-Office Operations

The mid-office team ensures accurate deal entry into the in-house gas management system and manages reporting obligations for Dodd-Frank regulations. Customized accounting, settlement, invoicing and reporting are handled by the back-office team. The client engagement team implements and administers services strategic to customers’ business needs and success measures.