National, Regional Winners named in Mastio Natural Gas Marketer Customer Value Report

ST. JOSEPH, MO. – Tenaska Marketing Ventures/Tenaska Marketing Canada (collectively TMV) and Texican Natural Gas Company have been named 2009 winners of Mastio & Company’s 13th Natural Gas Marketer Customer Value & Loyalty Study. Mastio measures customer perceptions by conducting comprehensive studies in the natural gas, electric power, transportation and many other industries.

In the current natural gas marketing study, more than 1,000 natural gas marketing customers submitted to in-depth and detailed interviews. Customers were asked to rate their gas marketers on 27 different attributes focusing on issues such as customer service, operations, products and services and company reputation and image. The following five areas were considered to be the most important issues as a buyer of natural gas according to those companies interviewed in North America.

  • Is the gas marketer’s supply reliable?
  • Is the marketer honest and trustworthy?
  • Is the marketer historically dependable in meeting commitments?
  • Is the marketer’s price competitive?
  • Are the marketer’s invoices and statements accurate?

TMV scored best in the Major Marketer category. Texican was tops in the Regional Marketer category.

Mastio Vice President Kevin Huntsman said of 200 eligible gas marketers, almost 40 received enough customer responses to be included in the 2009 report, and of those several were within a few points of winning. “The results are a testament to the quality of service being provided by a great many Natural Gas marketers,” he said.

TMV is the natural gas marketing affiliate of Omaha-based Tenaska, Inc., Platt’s Gas Daily has ranked TMV among the top 10 natural gas marketers in the United States and Canada for 25 consecutive quarters Texican Natural Gas, based in Houston, began operations in 1985, and over the years has focused on developing both the supply and market sectors in the Southeast on Southern Natural Gas Pipeline and Transcontinental Gas Pipeline. A wholly-owned affiliate, Texican Horizon Energy Marketing, is the largest gas supplier to industrial, commercial and municipal customers in the Carolinas.

“Our congratulations to TMV and Texican, whose customers rated them as outstanding and best in the nation in service, operations, products, reputation and pricing,” said Huntsman. “Their No. 1 ranking provides the natural gas industry a valuable benchmark by which to measure excellence in performance and quality.”

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