Our Business

Natural Gas Marketing

Tenaska Marketing Ventures

Tenaska Marketing Ventures (TMV) is among the top five natural gas marketers in North America, providing natural gas supply chain management services across an ever-evolving market. These services include reliable fuel supply, market and logistical services, asset management and financial and physical hedging. An extensive network of contracted pipeline and storage assets enables TMV to deliver natural gas efficiently and reliably to customers throughout North America.

Power Marketing

Tenaska Power Services Co.

Tenaska Power Services Co. (TPS) is the leading provider of energy management services for generation and demand-side customers in the United States, offering independent power producers, large commercial and industrial clients and municipalities a variety of optimization, risk management, power trading and settlement services.


Tenaska Development Unit

Tenaska Development combines the flexibility to capitalize on evolving market needs with the deep expertise that comes with decades of experience to develop energy projects throughout the United States.


Tenaska Generation Unit

Tenaska Generation manages and operates one of the safest and most reliable generating fleets in the United States. Encompassing natural gas, wind and solar, the Tenaska Generation fleet consists of 7,580 megawatts of generation combined.

Plants & Projects

Tenaska has developed and built generation projects in the wind, solar and natural gas spaces in a variety of locations and markets – all with the same dedication to safety, reliability and sensitivity to the physical and cultural environment around them.