Tenaska Solar Ventures

A first-rate developer of renewables assets, Tenaska’s Development business unit combines the flexibility to capitalize on evolving market needs with the deep expertise that comes with decades of experience developing energy projects throughout the United States. Its solar development arm, Tenaska Solar Ventures, has more than 11,900 megawatts (MW) of solar capacity under development in 20 states.

More than 1,600 MW

Commercialized For Customers To Date

11,900 MW

Solar Development Services Pipeline


Tenaska Solar Ventures has experience in developing projects to own long term, as well as in providing development services to assist other companies in pursuing solar projects across the United States. Tenaska develops solar farms where there is nearby access to the transmission system, a sufficient amount of sun exposure, a large amount of land with interested owners and a community that is invested in its economic benefits. Learn more about our work below.

Posey County Solar Project

Swallowtail Solar Farm

Imperial Valley


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