Tenaska Storage Solutions

Tenaska Storage Solutions is equipped to draw on the full range of Tenaska’s expertise in energy supplies and marketing to help make energy storage a smart option for customers. Renewable energy sources like wind and solar are intermittent by nature and have the potential to drive significant fluctuations in supply and pricing. Storing excess energy as it is produced by renewable resources and then delivering it on demand brings some much-needed stability.

Tenaska Storage Solutions puts to work the company’s expertise in development, capital formation, engineering, construction and asset management in building a portfolio of energy storage projects that use batteries as the primary technology. We also work closely with Tenaska Power Services Co., the company’s power marketing affiliate, to help customers determine how best to dispatch stored energy.

7,295 MW

Storage Development Pipeline

Our Projects

Demand and value for battery storage continues to grow from utilities and in power markets across the country. We develop large scale battery storage projects in the nation’s top power markets in locations near substations with available capacity and the highest energy value, and in communities that are supportive of project economic and reliability benefits.




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