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From the earliest stages of due diligence on potential acquisitions to the final day-to-day operations, Tenaska’s Engineering & Operations Group is responsible for designing, managing and operating one of the safest and most reliable generating fleets in the United States.

Encompassing natural gas-fueled generation, as well as wind and solar, the fleet is operated and managed to ensure safe, reliable and environmentally responsible operations. These plants – 7,580 megawatts of generation combined – are owned by Tenaska in partnership with other companies.

Engineering expertise includes technology screening, interconnection negotiations, regulatory compliance, engineering and construction management, and performance monitoring.

Part of what sets Tenaska’s Engineering & Operations Group apart is the breadth of our expertise. Over the past several years, the team has brought to fruition generation projects in the natural gas and renewables spaces – all with the same dedication to safety, reliability and sensitivity to the physical and cultural environment around them.

Among The Lowest

Fleetwide Average Emission Rates For U.S. Fossil-Fueled Plants

7,580 MW

Managed Fleet Capacity


Forced Outage Factor


Voluntary Protection Program Star Worksites Covering 147 Employees


National Safety Council Awards For 2020

$14.4 Million

Tax Revenue Paid For 2020 To Local Government & Schools


Scholarships For College-Bound Seniors

Plants & Projects Map

Tenaska has developed more than 11,000 megawatts (MW) of natural-gas fueled and renewable power generation. It also manages the safe and reliable operation of generation facilities.


Tenaska-designed and -managed plants are recognized for high reliability, outstanding safety records and responsible environmental compliance.


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