Strategic Development & Acquisitions

Tenaska’s Strategic Development & Acquisitions Group (SDA) utilizes a unique approach that combines the flexibility to capitalize on evolving market needs with the deep expertise that comes with decades of experience. As technologies continue to advance and the market appetite for renewable power continues to grow, SDA’s focus remains on high-value opportunities.

With the ability to turn data into actionable information, SDA brings the combined resources of Tenaska to bear when working with customers to meet their power generation needs. In addition to providing expertise in siting, transmission interconnection, permitting, financing and construction management, Tenaska can assist customers in fuel purchasing and transport, plant operations and energy marketing.

For partners and investors, SDA draws on a strong record in development, acquisitions and asset management to optimize the value of energy assets, with in-house experts who can adapt project strategies to changing market, legislative and regulatory climates. This same holistic approach also benefits SDA’s energy innovation investment initiative, aimed at providing capital to business opportunities with the potential to transform the energy industry.

10,500 MW

Aggregate Electric Power Generation Acquired & Divested

$6.5 Billion

Investments & Acquisitions Managed

16,400 MW


23,272 MW

Renewable Generation In Development Pipeline

Tenaska Solar Ventures

Tenaska’s ability to prepare for and respond to shifts in the energy industry comes to life in the work of Tenaska Solar Ventures, the company’s solar development arm.

Advanced & Sustainable Energy

With more than three decades of experience, Tenaska is uniquely poised to help grow promising and innovative energy businesses with the potential to transform the market.

Tenaska Storage Solutions

Energy storage represents an increasingly important solution for markets that want to maintain reliability as they shift focus toward renewables. Tenaska Storage Solutions can help.

Plants & Projects Map

Tenaska has been responsible for developing, managing and/or operating approximately 22,000 megawatts (MW) of generation over its 30-plus years. Today, the Tenaska fleet includes 12 natural gas-fueled and renewable assets capable of generating more than 7,500 MW in total.


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