Advanced & Sustainable Energy

Tenaska leverages three decades of experience in the industry to help grow promising and innovative energy businesses. With an eye toward technologies and ideas poised to become increasingly valuable amid disruptive market change, Tenaska’s advanced and sustainable energy investment initiative seeks to invest in early- to late-stage business opportunities with distinctive value propositions to customers, unique business models and strong management with impeccable integrity.

The energy industry is undergoing fundamental changes that are poised to disrupt the market. Tenaska supports sustainable and innovative start-ups that will enable new energy technologies and business models. Our team is currently evaluating opportunities for investments in start-ups that will transform the energy industry, especially in distributed energy, cybersecurity, electric vehicle and charging infrastructure, blockchain, micro-grid, data analytics and electrification.

Potential investments are evaluated based on a strong business plan, proven technology and a realistic ability to generate positive cash flow in the near future. In addition to capital, Tenaska will use our vast background in the energy industry – which includes development, acquisition, operation and management of power generating facilities, energy marketing and private equity investments – to serve as a strategic advisor.

To learn more about the advanced & sustainable energy initiative, please reach out to Rishi Bhakar or the investment team using the Contact Us below.

Current Investments

A Changing Industry

Tenaska has a long history of helping customers prepare for and respond to disruptions in the way energy is produced, delivered and consumed.

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