Tenaska Solar Ventures

A first-rate developer of renewables assets, the Strategic Development & Acquisitions Group continues to expand its development services business. Its solar development arm, Tenaska Solar Ventures, has more than 13,500 megawatts of solar capacity under development in 16 states.

Through this initiative, the company developed two utility-scale solar projects in California – both now operational and owned and managed by Tenaska affiliates. Each of these projects was the largest commercially financed solar project in the United States at the time.

More recently, Tenaska Solar Ventures it is providing development services to assist other companies in pursuing solar projects across the United States. The team has sold several portfolios of greenfield solar development projects and has then contracted to provide development services to these projects.

Like the rest of the company, Tenaska Solar Ventures brings diverse industry expertise and yet consistency in principled service, laying the foundation on which strong partnerships are built.

1,800 MW

Commercialized For Customers In 2020

13,500 MW

Solar Development Pipeline