What People are Saying about Tenaska:

Clearly, corporate belief in volunteerism is entrenched within Tenaska, and their small workforce, who does so much, is to be commended for their dynamic effort and joyful results.
Susan H.B. Muir, director, Fluvanna (Virginia) Department of Social Services during development, construction and operation of Tenaska Virginia Generating Station
When Tenaska arrived in our county it seemed they were too good to be true. Ten years later, we are a living testament that when they become a part of a community, they follow through on all the things they say they will do, and then go above and beyond what a normal industry would do. Many companies will make monetary contributions to schools; however, there are few that will allow time for their employees to get one-on-one with students by working daily in a tutoring program. Tenaska has been funding at least two scholarships each year. Many of our graduates are unable to attend colleges or universities because of the high cost of post-secondary education. These scholarships have provided a portion of the funding to help students reach their dreams.
Van Smith, principal, Billingsley (Alabama) High School during development, construction and operation of Tenaska Lindsay Hill and Central Alabama generating stations
We found that when you said something, you meant it. And that makes a big difference in what you do.
Sandra Hodges, Rusk County (Texas) judge during development, construction and operation of Tenaska Gateway Generating Station
These folks have been so genuine and so good to us, and just extremely dedicated in the process of this plant – all the way from the inception of the plant to completion and for the past 11 years. To have one of these plants in the community is a huge asset, let me assure you.
Buzz Fullen, Henderson (Texas) mayor during development, construction and initial operation of Tenaska Gateway Generating Station

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