2022-2023 Plant Scholarship Application

Established in 2005, Tenaska’s Plant Scholarship Program provides academic financial assistance to high school seniors in communities where we operate natural gas and renewable energy generating stations. Since its inception, Tenaska has donated more than $900,000 to nearly 1,000 students.

How To Apply:

If you are a high school senior in a community where a Tenaska plant operates*, please fill out the form below to apply. Paper applications are also available. Please reach out to your school counselor for more information. Scholarship application deadlines are Friday, February 10, 2023.

*Click here to see a map of where our plants operate. Those areas that qualify for scholarships are: Developed/Owned/Operated Natural Gas Plants; Owned/ Operated Natural Gas Plants; Developed/Owned/Managed Solar Facilities; and Developed/Owned/Managed Wind Facilities.

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