Excellence in Operations

The ability to VPP Star Worksiteeffectively operate and manage natural gas-fueled electric generating plants is a core strength of Tenaska, one widely recognized throughout the energy industry. Tenaska has developed approximately 10,000 megawatts (MW) of power generation in 17 domestic and international projects.

Tenaska’s Operations team manages operations for approximately 8,000 MW, consisting of 11 power plants in eight states. Our affiliates directly operate nine of the facilities.

The Operations team works with project stakeholders, bringing solid expertise and experience to the strategic planning and asset management process. Tenaska adds value through proactive problem-solving that minimizes downtime and by going above and beyond to ensure customer satisfaction through flexible, innovative solutions and contracting. A privately held, conservatively run company, Tenaska’s goal is to maximize the value of the projects for our stakeholders while maintaining and enhancing the quality of the assets throughout their lifetimes.

Dedicated plant employees work around the clock to ensure reliability and to immediately address any factors that could potentially impact plant productivity. They respond quickly and safely to extreme weather conditions, such as hurricanes, or other issues affecting plant production that could threaten reliability. Plant employees are proud of their safety and environmental records, as well as their history of reliability. The team focuses on a culture of safety, compliance, efficiency, reliability, customer service, industry competence, strategic planning and quick response.

Tenaska-operated and -managed assets reflect the company’s commitment to strict compliance with all applicable regulatory requirements. Experienced employees are personally dedicated to maintaining safe operating conditions for themselves, their fellow workers and anyone entering the plant. Tenaska’s safety record is one of the best in the industry, and plants are recognized annually for outstanding safety performance. Employees at Tenaska power plants are as committed to excellence in their communities as they are on the job. They are among the first to contribute leadership, time and talent to local causes.