Environmental, Health & Safety Policy

Tenaska is committed to operate its business in a manner protective of human health, the environment, and property, while complying with all applicable laws and regulations. Tenaska employees are committed to working as a team with contractors to achieve compliant and incident-free construction and operations while striving to effectively implement the following related policies in our planning, daily work, and business decisions:

(1) Operate in compliance with applicable occupational health and safety and environmental laws and regulations, implement recognized industry guidelines, and apply prudent standards where regulations do not exist. As part of this commitment, we will:

  • Meet or exceed environmental, health, and safety requirements;
  • Operate within design and environmental limits;
  • Ensure safety devices are in place and functioning;
  • Follow written operating and emergency procedures;
  • Manage and coordinate change in facilities, procedures, and training; and
  • Report incidents promptly, investigate the cause of incidents, and take corrective action.

(2) Maintain safety as our highest priority. Design, build, and operate safe facilities: identify and address environmental, health, and safety risks by assessing hazards, employing safe technologies and procedures, and by preparing for emergencies.

(3) Manage energy, materials, and residuals sustainably. As part of this commitment, we will:

  • Use energy efficiently;
  • Use products that are safe for their intended use;
  • Reduce or eliminate the use of hazardous substances;
  • Reduce or eliminate waste, especially Hazardous Waste;
  • Recycle; and
  • Dispose of all wastes in compliance with applicable laws.

(4) Plan and organize to achieve compliance. Tenaska will maintain formal occupational health and safety and environmental management program plans that establish responsibility for implementation of specified management systems to assure compliance with this policy.

(5) Demonstrate an ongoing commitment to this policy through the establishment of roles and accountability and by setting clear goals for performance measured against industry metrics and benchmarks.

(6) Review and audit. Tenaska will conduct independent safety and environmental compliance reviews to evaluate program effectiveness, provide for enhanced understanding and awareness, and provide a mechanism for correcting deficiencies while continuously improving performance.

(7) Inform all personnel and contractors of this policy and assure that they have the training and resources to safely perform their individual responsibilities and duties.

(8) Promote employee health and wellness programs that give employees and their families’ critical health-improvement knowledge and skills. Each employee is encouraged to take advantage of the programs provided by Tenaska to manage and improve their health and wellness. Managers and supervisors are expected to support and encourage participation of their staff in the programs provided by Tenaska.

(9) Be a good neighbor. Tenaska will be an environmentally responsible neighbor in the communities where we operate and act promptly to address incidents or correct conditions that could endanger health, safety, property, or the environment.

(10) Follow this policy, comply with law, and report concerns or observations of potential noncompliance to management. Tenaska expects this commitment from every employee and contractor.