Conditions surrounding the coronavirus pandemic continue to evolve and change, and Tenaska adjusts our plan and response as needed based on the latest information. To protect our employees, Tenaska’s Omaha headquarters, as well as our regional offices across the United States and in Canada, have been directed to work remotely. Employees who must be physically present to perform critical work at our generating facilities or office locations are following CDC guidelines, including engaging in hand hygiene, social distancing and limiting contact with others to the extent possible. Employees are required to stay home if they exhibit any COVID-19 symptoms or feel sick. Our employees receive ongoing briefings, materials and information on company-wide activities related to COVID-19. Physical visits to Tenaska locations by non-employees are restricted. While all non-essential business travel has been suspended, our employees are communicating with their peers, partners, consultants and customers via conference calls and video conferencing. But, please know we appreciate input and welcome your comments if there are better ways to communicate and work with you.

Tenaska is privileged to be in an industry that allows us to continue to be of service during trying times. Our employees continue to deliver a reliable supply of natural gas and power, to accommodate our customers’ changing energy needs and, importantly, to be helpful in the communities where they live and work.