As the news media is filling with information about Coronavirus (COVID-19), we want to assure our customers that Tenaska is taking the appropriate preparedness steps to ensure reliable service and minimize impact to our operations and customers. The purpose of this communication is to share with you what Tenaska is doing to ensure there are minimal disruptions to our day to day business and to offer support to our customers in any way needed during this volatile time.

We realize this event may impact our customers and their businesses differently and want to reassure you we are here if you need us. Tenaska is taking a proactive approach to protect business continuity. You can count on Tenaska to deliver!

How is Tenaska positioned to prevail?

We have taken steps to ensure that Tenaska is poised to continually meet our customers’ needs no matter what challenges may arise in the coming weeks. In addition to ample resources and expert professionals, Tenaska is backed by a strong balance sheet and conservative credit and risk management practices.

  • Tenaska has regional offices around the country and in Canada that are fully equipped to provide support.
  • Traders and Gas Schedulers are prepared and equipped to work from home for an extended period, if needed.
  • Tenaska utilizes an inhouse proprietary Gas Management System (GMS) for deal capture and reporting.
  • Tenaska has a fully staffed team of Information Technology experts.
  • TMV has substantial committed working capital liquidity to cover unforeseen shocks to the natural gas market.

What additional steps is Tenaska taking?

  • Employees are required daily, to bring home laptops and other materials that may be required to work from home in preparation for imposition of a quarantine or closure of our offices.
  • Physical visits to Tenaska locations by non-employees are restricted to essential activities only.
  • All non-essential business travel has been suspended.
  • Employees have been directed to utilize conference calls and video conference in lieu of traveling for meetings.
  • Encouraging proper hygienic practices at work and home through posted communications throughout the offices and encouraging employees to stay home if sick.

Tenaska continues to monitor this evolving situation and is evaluating the need for additional measures on a daily basis.

How can we help?

If you have any questions or are experiencing disruptions where we may be of support, please contact your scheduling or commercial representatives directly for assistance.

We will continue to monitor developments and communicate with you as warranted. We are here to help with any challenges you may encounter.