As the spread of the coronavirus disease (COVID-19) continues, Tenaska Power Services Co. (TPS) is committed to the health and safety of our employees, to continued reliable service for our customers, and to clear and concise communication to all parties affected. TPS’ senior management team is meeting daily to discuss any new developments identified by health authorities and to reaffirm or modify any procedures and precautions that have been implemented as a result of the pandemic.

Below is an abbreviated list of programs TPS has implemented:

    • Revision and internal distribution of the TPS Pandemic Response Plan.
    • Revision and internal distribution of the TPS Business Continuity Plan.
    • Business travel restrictions for both TPS employees and visitors.
    • Affirmation of ability to work from home for non-shift employees.
    • Modified staff groupings for non-shift employees.
    • Operating 24-hour Operations and Trading desks from dual locations.
    • Increased availability of sanitizing products and general health awareness.

Tenaska continues to monitor this evolving situation and is evaluating the need for additional measures on a daily basis.