Tenaska Gateway Generating Station

The Tenaska Gateway Generating Station near Mt. Enterprise in Rusk County, Texas, is a natural gas-fueled combined-cycle electric generating station developed and owned by Tenaska Gateway Partners, Ltd. Tenaska affiliates manage and operate the plant, which includes three General Electric Frame 7FA gas turbines, three heat recovery steam generators and one General Electric steam turbine.

Shell Energy North America (US), L.P. (Shell) purchases the entire power output, incorporating the plant into its regional supply portfolio and selling the power on a merchant basis within the Electric Reliability Council of Texas (ERCOT) distribution grid and to markets in the Eastern Interconnected Grid, such as the Southwest Power Pool (SPP). Natural gas to fuel the plant, which can power up to 845,000 homes, is supplied by Shell. The plant also has the ability to generate power using fuel oil.

The plant provides 28 well-paying, full-time jobs and, in 2017, paid more than $6 million in salaries and payments to local subcontractors and vendors. The plant paid more than $36.6 million in property taxes, of which approximately $30.2 million supported area school districts, through 2017.