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Natural gas marketing

As a leading physical natural gas marketer in the United States, Tenaska Marketing Ventures (TMV) is proud of our reputation for reliability, stability and an unwavering commitment to customer service. Operating as the natural gas marketing arm of Tenaska, TMV is dedicated to evolving with the market, leveraging a robust financial foundation and decades of experience to meet customer needs.

Versatile gas solutions

Trading and hedging services

  • Purchase and sale of natural gas
  • Pipeline balancing and swing management
  • Energy risk management
  • Financial and physical hedging

Integrated operational services

  • Scheduling operations
  • Accounting and reconciliation support
  • Strategic reporting tailored to customers’ business needs and success measures
  • Exclusive Customer Connect Portal for transparency, communication and convenience

Optimization solutions

  • Asset optimization
  • Pipeline and storage capacity management
  • Supply basin diversity
  • Innovative pricing strategies
  • Creative structured products

Market insights and support

  • Market analysis and research
  • Fuel supply management
  • Alternative fuel support and optionality
  • Access to diverse North America markets


in value and customer satisfaction (Source: Mastio & Company)


U.S. physical gas marketer (Source: S&P Platts Gas Daily FERC Form 552 Filings)


customer retention

Customer diversity

Our expertise


Natural gas pipeline & storage capacity

TMV has access to an extensive network of contracted and managed natural gas pipeline and storage assets throughout North America, delivering natural gas precisely when and where it is needed.

  • TMV office
  • Storage capacity
  • Pipeline capacity

10.9 BCF/day

natural gas sold or managed = ~10% of total U.S./Canadian natural gas demand

138 BCF

natural gas storage capacity

14.2 BCF/day

natural gas transportation capacity

Reputation of resilience

TMV has built a legacy of strong performance and customer service by blending flexibility with focus. Our journey of tremendous growth demonstrates stability and longevity, even in the face of market volatility. TMV stands resilient against unforeseen shocks in the natural gas market, reinforcing our commitment to sustained excellence.

Financial strength

With strong financial backing from Tenaska’s multibillion-dollar balance sheet and a multi-year borrowing base credit facility of up to $2.5 billion, TMV can fully cover its liquidity needs and credit obligations.

$3.0 billion

tangible net worth

$2.5 billion

credit facility