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Power marketing

As a leader in the power industry, Tenaska Power Services Co. (TPS) leverages its market knowledge and vast experience to provide essential power marketing, energy management and related services. Recognized as a trusted advisor by our customers, TPS has a broad and deep understanding of U.S. power markets and a reputation for developing highly tailored, successful energy solutions.

TPS’ team of dedicated employees is key to our success. Our team’s experience and understanding of the energy landscape, combined with our focus on creating and maximizing value for our customers, is unmatched in the industry. Customers seek out TPS to meet their growing need for high-quality, comprehensive energy management services due to our unique and enduring ability to combine the specialized customer service of a boutique shop with the financial and organizational capabilities of a large company.

3,900 MW

energy storage under management


TPS-managed capacity is renewable generation


TPS employees

TPS provides

an extensive suite of services to various load types across the U.S.

Our expertise

Innovative solutions

  • Renewable, thermal and storage resource optimization
  • Load/demand response optimization
  • Transmission congestion rights portfolio optimization
  • Power purchase agreement (PPA)/hedge optimization
  • Customized portfolio optimization

Energy management

  • 24/7 trading and real-time energy management
  • 24/7 operations, scheduling, tagging and bidding/offering
  • Wholesale and retail load management
  • Energy risk management, including financial and physical hedging
  • Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) and Energy Management Systems (EMS)
  • Capacity and congestion market support

Power trading

  • Bilateral and centrally cleared purchases and sales of capacity, energy, ancillary services and renewable energy products

Settlement services

  • True shadow settlement, estimated settlement and dispute management
  • Customized accounting, settlement, invoicing and reporting

Energy transition support

  • Renewable Energy Credit (REC) and emission products forecasting, tracking, optimization and trading
  • Renewable energy procurement services
  • Green load optimization
  • Renewable PPA analytics

Customers we serve

Independent power producer, community choice aggregator, cooperative, water authority, commercial/industrial, investor-owned utility, municipal.

TPS areas of operation

TPS provides services to a diverse array of customers across all U.S. power markets.

  • TPS office
  • Dot size proportionate to number of customers
  • Regional markets

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