Energy in Motion

At Tenaska, we’re always on the move. In an energy industry that’s in perpetual motion, we succeed today and shape tomorrow.

In motion, we excel

A steady stream of innovations change the way energy is produced, delivered and consumed. But one thing remains constant: the entrepreneurial spirit behind Tenaska’s value-driven, forward-looking solutions that fit customer needs and meet market demands.

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Tenaska at a Glance

Over 35 years, Tenaska has grown to be a national leader adept in natural gas marketing, power marketing and energy management, development and acquisition of generation assets, operation of power plants and much more.

$18.4 Billion

Gross Operating Revenues

$2.9 Billion

Total Balance Sheet Equity

$5.7 Billion

Total Assets

Annual Report

Tenaska is one of the leading independent energy company’s in the United States. Forbes magazine consistently ranks Tenaska among the largest private U.S. companies.