About Us

The energy industry is in a state of perpetual motion. A steady stream of innovations change the way energy is produced, delivered and consumed. But one thing remains constant: Tenaska’s ability to succeed in the present even as we shape the future.

As an industry leader, Tenaska doesn’t just react to change; we leverage it to find new and unique opportunities to create value. We drive. This is a company that began as a five-person operation in 1987 with plans to build just one or two power plants. Today’s Tenaska is one of the largest privately held companies in the United States, with more than 700 employees, the organization is adept in natural gas marketing, power management, development and acquisition of generation assets, operation of power plants and more.

The same entrepreneurial spirit behind our success thus far continues to propel our evolution within and beyond industry changes. We develop forward-looking solutions to fit customer needs and meet market demands, priding ourselves on adding value for customers, partners and investors.

$12.5 Billion

Gross Operating Revenues

$3.3 Billion

Total Balance Sheet Equity

$5.6 Billion

Total Assets


Total Employees

The scope of Tenaska’s business includes:

Natural Gas Marketing

Tenaska Marketing Ventures

Power Marketing

Tenaska Power Services Co.


Tenaska Development Unit


Tenaska Generation Unit

Our Leadership

Tenaska’s leaders combine vision, experience and the highest ethics to achieve new levels of success for customers, partners and communities. Learn more about our top leaders and Executive Leadership Board.

Our Financial Strength

A private and independent company, Tenaska’s strong balance sheet and financial strength provide both the stability and the flexibility our company needs to be a top performer, attractive borrower and trusted partner.

Our Culture

At Tenaska, we’ve built an environment where our people are free to build the future of the energy industry on a decades-strong foundation of solid relationships, hard work and honesty.