Study Finds Swallowtail Solar Farm Would Create 340 Jobs During Construction, Add $38 Million to Bartholomew County Economy


July 12, 2022 – An economic analysis of the proposed Swallowtail Solar Farm found that the 200-MW solar project would create 340 jobs during construction and add $38 million to Bartholomew County’s economy. The analysis was performed by Gnarly Tree Sustainability Institute, which is led by Dr. Kenneth Richards, a professor at Indiana University’s O’Neill School of Public and Environmental Affairs. The analysis found that throughout the solar farm’s 30-year life, the project will have 5 direct employees and will create 13 indirect jobs, adding approximately $1 million to the local economy throughout the operations phase.

“Swallowtail Solar Farm is a clear win for the people of Bartholomew County, now and in the future.” said Zach Sawicki, Senior Project Manager for Arevon. “Through the experience of building solar projects across the country, I’ve seen firsthand the positive energy, economic, and environmental benefits solar brings to communities like Bartholomew County.”

Under joint development by Arevon and Tenaska, Swallowtail Solar Farm’s future benefits go beyond clean, homegrown energy. During construction, enough work will be generated to support over 200 full-time positions that will earn a total of $23 million in compensation. These workers will have a further economic impact in Bartholomew County by spending locally in areas such as housing, groceries, supplies, and entertainment, which would support an additional 126 jobs at other local businesses in the county.

Over the 30-year lifespan of the project, Swallowtail Solar Farm is forecast to deliver more than $40 million in local tax revenues to Bartholomew County. Local landowners involved in the project will collectively receive millions of dollars in lease payments throughout the solar farm’s lifespan.

Beyond job creation and tax revenue, Swallowtail Solar Farm is also set to host Bartholomew County’s largest pollinator garden. Pollinator-friendly plants create important habitat for birds, bees, butterflies, – insects and animals that are critical for agricultural production. The Swallowtail Solar Farm team consulted with members of the Columbus Pollinator Committee to ensure that optimal designs and native plants are selected to help support pollinators in Bartholomew County. As the native plants grow onsite over the next 30 years, their deep root systems will help prevent erosion, improve drainage, and enhance soil quality for the landowners who have chosen to lease their land for the solar farm.

The economic study also modeled the impact of a smaller, 150-MW solar project. A smaller-scale solar farm would produce more than 250 full-time jobs, with compensation topping $22 million during construction, as well as contributing more than $28 million in GDP to Bartholomew County. During the solar farm’s operational life, 14 full-time jobs and over $830,000 in compensation would be created, contributing about $1.4 million to the local economy.

Swallowtail Solar Farm is still in the development process and would not start construction before the second half of 2024, pending all applicable approvals. The project will need to complete its field studies and surveys, finalize design, obtain permits, and other steps before it can begin construction. Bartholomew County has developed a draft solar ordinance which, once finalized, will set requirements for the project’s design and operation.

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