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At Tenaska Power Services Co. (TPS), we pride ourselves on the value we create for customers and markets – and with good reason. As an experienced power marketer, TPS offers utilities, municipalities, large commercial and industrial clients and independent power producers a variety of optimization, risk management, power trading and settlement services.

Our professionals offer these services from a unique place in an ever-evolving industry by virtue of the expertise we have developed in moving both non-renewable and renewable energy to wholesale markets. We provide energy management services to both generation and demand-side customers during a time when demand for renewable energy continues to grow. Our depth and breadth of experience drives customer success.

For the TPS team, our work is not only about what we do but how we do it. Relationship-building is our central identifying factor and the primary driver of why and how we do business. We value each of our customers, and we do what best fits each one, independent of others. This, paired with our expertise, is how we have built the leading energy management company in the United States. Customers turn to TPS again and again because of decades-long relationships that are built as much on trust and loyalty as they are on support and service.


Of TPS-Managed Resources Is Renewable Generation

TPS Provides

Extensive Suite Of Services To Various Load Types Across U.S.

Our Services

Bilateral and centrally cleared purchases and sale of electric capacity, energy, ancillary services and renewable energy products
Around-the-clock operations, trading and energy management
Acquisition, management and optimization of electric transmission and congestion rights
Energy risk management, including financial and physical hedging
Sophisticated risk and structuring analytics that can provide customized optimization and position evaluation tools and reporting for customer portfolio management strategies
Market operations and interface, scheduling, tagging and bidding services
System operations, dispatch, Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) and Energy Management Systems (EMS) services
Customized accounting, settlement, invoicing and reporting
Shadow settlement, estimated settlement and Independent System Operator/Regional Transmission Organization (ISO/RTO) dispute management utilizing PowerTools Platform (PTP), a proprietary complete "bid-to-bill" system
Wholesale and retail load management
Renewable energy advisory services
Energy brokerage for wholesale and retail load
Energy storage resource management and optimization
Risk management and credit support

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Tenaska Power Services provides services to a variety of customers in diverse markets across United States.


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We want to work with Tenaska because we heard from others in the market that Tenaska treats their customers like partners, and that is attractive to us.


Tenaska has been an extremely valuable provider of services for our many different projects over the last few years. We continue to be impressed by their ability to add value and provide expertise in all markets. Their vast experience and knowledge for each project has helped us to grow our business and provide customized services to our customers.


After a 14-month selection process in 2016, Tenaska was chosen as the scheduling coordinator entity for our California-based cogeneration assets. As scheduling coordinator, there has not been a single incident in any Tenaska process that resulted in a lost profit opportunity. After our facilities moved away from legacy-term contracts, Tenaska was instrumental in educating our operations and commercial personnel on how the CAISO market works. They have been knowledgeable advisors to our team.


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