Our Leadership

Tenaska is a 2021 U.S. Best Managed Company, a recognition given by Deloitte Private and The Wall Street Journal to private companies that demonstrate excellence in strategic planning and execution, corporate culture and financial results.


Howard L. Hawks

Co-founder & Chairman /
Board of Stakeholders

Thomas E. Hendricks

Co-founder & Executive Vice President / Board of Stakeholders

Jerry K. Crouse

Chief Executive Officer & Vice Chairman / Board of Stakeholders

Gregory A. Van Dyke

Chief Financial Officer / Board of Stakeholders

Ronald N. Quinn

Vice President & Secretary / Board of Stakeholders

Timothy G. Kudron

Senior Vice President, Finance & Administration / Board of Stakeholders

Drew J. Fossum

Senior Vice President & General Counsel / Board of Stakeholders
Jay M. Frisbie
Senior Vice President, Finance
David W. Kirkwood
Senior Vice President, Finance
Sheila R. Trueblood
Senior Vice President & Treasurer
Ben M. Hochstein
Vice President & Corporate Controller
Silke V. Jasinski
Vice President, Finance
Corey S. Kopiasz
Vice President, Finance
Delette J. Marengo
Vice President, Government & Public Affairs
Jeremy D. Reinoehl
Vice President, Information Technology

Natural Gas Marketing

Tenaska Marketing Ventures | Tenaska Marketing Canada | Tenaska Gas Storage, LLC | Tenaska Gas de México

Mark J. Whitt

President, Tenaska Marketing Ventures / Board of Stakeholders

Lori A. Bruck

Chief Marketing Officer, Tenaska Marketing Ventures / Board of Stakeholders

John G. Obermiller

Executive Vice President & Chief Financial Officer
Christopher K. Forsman
Senior Vice President, Trading
William L. Geis
Senior Vice President, Marketing
Kristen J. Gould
Executive Vice President, Tenaska Marketing Canada
Todd M. Litjen
Senior Vice President, Marketing
Mark A. McQuade
Senior Vice President, General Counsel & Chief Compliance Officer
Matthew J. Millard
Senior Vice President, Trading
John C. Parks
Senior Vice President, Marketing
Mark D. Soulliere
Senior Vice President, Credit Risk
Martin E. Titus
Senior Vice President, Business Development
John G. Bogatz
Vice President, Marketing
Steve G. Bruns
Vice President, Marketing
Daniel J. Bump
Vice President, Marketing
Troy M. Davis
Vice President, Marketing
Jeffrey D. Gohr
Vice President, Trading
Scott R. Harwell
Vice President, Marketing
Jay R. Hoellen
Vice President, Credit Risk
Tomasz M. Lange
Vice President, Regulatory
Paul T. Lucci
Vice President, Trading
Kenneth R. Meier
Vice President, Marketing
David G. Rookstool
Vice President, Back Office Operations
Robert J. Scarborough
Vice President, Trading
Gaye Lynn Schaffart
Vice President, Strategic Initiatives
Neal O. Shumway
Vice President, Structuring
Robert W. Turell
Vice President, Financial Trading

Power Marketing

Tenaska Power Services Co. | Tenaska Power Canada | Tenaska Power Management, LLC | Tenaska Energía de México

Kevin R. Smith

President / Board of Stakeholders
Curry D. Aldridge
Senior Vice President, Origination & Commercial Operations
Robert E. Anderson
Vice President, Business Development
Jeremy D. Carpenter
Vice President, Energy Management, Operations
O. Brad Cox
Vice President, Markets & Compliance
Keith E. Emery
Vice President, Marketing
Mark G. Foreman
Vice President, Trading
Christopher M. Grammer
Vice President, Application Development
William W. Horton
Vice President, Risk Management
Jenni Z. Leger
Vice President, Real-Time Trading

Energy Solutions

Gregory B. Kelly

President / Board of Stakeholders
Chris Hemschot
Director, Origination
David Hesser
Director, Energy Solutions Structuring

Strategic Development & Acquisitions

Christopher A. Leitner

President / Board of Stakeholders
Bradley K. Heisey
Senior Vice President
Timothy E. Hemig
Senior Vice President
Stephen R. Johnson
Senior Vice President
Joel M. Link
Senior Vice President
Ryan T. Schroer
Senior Vice President
Rishi Bhakar
Vice President
Aaron O. Dubberly
Vice President

Engineering & Operations

Todd S. Jonas

Senior Vice President, Operations / Board of Stakeholders

Justin J. Vala

Senior Vice President, Engineering & Construction
Larry G. Carlson
Vice President, Environmental Affairs
David L. Merkley
Vice President, Technical Services
Vasu Pinapati
Vice President, Engineering & Construction